Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Romans 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

I want to run something by everyone today that I hope leaves room for discussion and hopefully change. This is a topic that most people will agree with out loud but, they do not feel the same way between them and the wall. There seems to be a trend amongst churches that they should remain separate from each other. It is as though each church is afraid of losing a member of their church to another church. I really have a hard time with all of this. In the grand scheme of things aren’t we supposed to be about adding souls to the kingdom and building up those souls once they have been reached?
I have been considering trying to put together a revival type function that everyone in my city and the surrounding areas would be invited to but, I am afraid to hold it at any specific church. People seem to be put off by the location. Well it’s over at that Pentecostal church and I’m Baptist so I can’t really go. Then you hear well it’s at another Pentecostal church and I don’t want them trying to steal our members so I discourage members of my church from going. What happened to all being a part of the same body? It is as though Christians have hacked up the body, or church, into pieces and spread them among the denominations and said play separately. Have any of you heard united we stand divided we fall? Isn’t it time that Christians stand up together regardless of denomination or church and praise together, worship together, and work together to reach this world? How can we expect a non-believer to want to come to know Christ when the current Christians only want to be with the people from their own church? This us four and no more attitude has not been bypassed by you just because you have 300 members in your church, if you are unwilling to communicate and work with other churches you still have the same mentality.
What is the deal? Why do churches have so many issues working together? Is competition that fierce?
God Bless!!


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